Create a good free site

You might want free .com site so that you can write blogs or for other things.Well a .com site is costly but can be brought free. To do so you need to go to site. From there you need to register your domain.
Register for your application at for free domains. You can choose from 1506 domain endings, such as up to 500 free domains. These domains you can set up on their free storage at or forward an already established website.

Please refer to 10 GB of free storage for your homepage. You can PHP and the MySQL database support at any standard scripts for your site, such as blog, forum, content management, online shop, wiki, community, or even install thanks to their own solutions to program itself.
Numerous features are available after registration at available.
After that create a website with notepad or dreamweaver. Create a webs account and create some random You need to register in html format and upload your website.

After that forward your site from site. It is very easy.

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