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How about an invisible Internet browser? Wow you can browse Internet without getting others attention. This is actually not just a dream. Ghostzilla - Invisible Browser It is an Internet browser. It is more than invisible. It can hide on your desktop. It can stay inside outlook, word or any other program. So, it is hard to figure out what actually you are doing... It supports Tabbed Browsing. How cool is that? And it is Crazzy ... But please don't use it at work or school because your administrator might be watching you and what processors running on your machine... Cool and crazzy features.....

1. It opens inside the program on your desktop. Hardly you can say that you have a web page open when a passer by looks at your screen.

2. As soon as you move the cursor away from the Ghostzilla window it disappear. It removes from the task bar as well to bring it back you have to move your cursor from left end to the right end of your screen and left to right.

3.It wont display the pictures unless you move your mouse on top of the image area. All the images and text are in gray colour. But it is not 100%. If you go to the Task Manger you can see the processors related to to Ghostzilla. Which means it can hide from the people in front of the screen but not from Network admins. Note: I have notice that after installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 this program gives few issues. First thing I have notice is Ghostzilla does not disappear when mouse take away from the window. It stay the same. It is kind of stuck in the same place.
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