Hack a friend's Facebook account

Everybody thinks about hacking facebook account of somebody. He might be your friend or enemy or somebody like that. I too wanted to hack such people and I kept on googling for those things. I never found any way to hack. Finally after much hard work, I have finally found hacking idea which is shared bellow:-

1. There are many ways. First way is Phishing. The idea is described bellow.
• Phishing is a method in which you create a fake login page to fool people. I have created one pishing site. But  it doesn't work. It's url is www.yah0omail.webs.com. It is just a demo site which I made for you. You can see  that  it is the exact copy of www.yahoomail.com. To learn phishing, go to http://hackspc.com/how-to-hack-facebook-to-view-private-pictures/. It is about viewing private pictures in facebook but the root theory is same. Phishing is a useful hacking method. After you create such website, you can send greeting cards to your friends asking him to log on with facebook with your given link and send some message to you. This method works most of the time.

2. The second method is by getting physical access to computer of your friend. Follow the methods bellow to use the technique to do so:
• Download this.This 'this' is a bundle of software that allows you to get the password of any computer (user should have stored it). Once you get it ,you should unzip it and put it in the root directory of your pendrive or any removable media.Then go to your friend's computer and insert your pendrive. A black flash should occur. This indicates that your work is done. It it doesn't occur then you can do it manually by starting launch.bat. You have got your passwords. Take the pendrive out and in another PC, insert your pendrive and you will see text files with the name iepv.txt, mailpv.txt, mspasss.txt and pspv.txt etc. There are passwords stored in such text files.
This is just a brief information. Use the internet for complete description.

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