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Blogging can be fairly easy and you can easily use it to share your feelings with the world. Whatever you are reading here is a blog written by nirav nikhil who is a blogger himself. Blog was made as a short form to the name - 'web log'. Blogs are of many types, with the most famous being 'blog' and 'vlog'. 'Blog' helps you to share your feelings through the help of text and images whereas vlog helps you to share your feelings with the help of a video. Now-a-days, new system of blogging has arrived which is audio blogs or podcasts. This is the blog in which you record your article with the help of microphone and share to the world.

    If you want to be a blogger then think which kind of blogger are you going to be. If you have good and easily understandable voice, you might want to be a audio blogger. To do such blogging, record your article. Then go to a account and start blogging.
    If you are a preety good looking girl(to whom others are attracted to) or you want to be a video blogger then get a youtube account and upload your videos and vblogs there.
    You have created a good blog. Now you need to get people to see(or listen or read) your blogs. A blog is useless if nobody sees your blog.To make people see your blog, I will give you a tip.

    1. If you have a text blog then skip this step. If you have a vblog or audio blog, then create a website or blogger account. Go to and create a blog. In that blog, Keep links or directly put your vblogs or audio blogs. For instance your youtube blog's url is\blahblahblah.That will be too difficult for users to remember and share. You need to embled that Vblog to your blogger blog.
If you are a computer dummy, you can consult for extra resources and ideas to embled a video.

    2. Once you have done that work, Create a redirection page for your blogger account. It means get a short
url for your blogger site. For example can be changed to for free. Go to and create a redirection site.
    3. Share your URLS to facebook and yahoo answers. Increase traffic to your site. through different methods which are described in this link.

Thank you for reading this blog. Please comment and share if you like it because without you readers, my blog is just a
useless piece of text.

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