Nsoft source editor

Recently I created a software named Nsoft source editor. Nsoft source editor is a software that allows you to write some source code at a same time. It can be downloaded in both x32 and x64 bit versions.
I generally surf the net every time start computer. Internet has addicted me so much that I am almost 12 hours online. And because of that, I didn't get time to even edit my source codes. It's screenshot is given here.

If you also have the same problem, You can download this software. It remains in small place in the desktop. You can see that there are four tabs having name source, source1, source2 and source3. In these tabs, modules can be edited or different sources can be edited. And you can save all sources in options tab.
And you can get it's source too(although it is a bit difficult). It is written in auto it language. If you don't like anything of this software, you can email here.
This software is made by Nirav Nikhil(denoted by 'me' in this blog). To download other softwares made by me, go here.
I hope you don't bother commenting for my mistakes. Please comment if you find any mistakes or bugs in my software.

To download this software, go here.


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  2. Thank you mikaljains, for your comment and helpful post at Freight Forwarding Software.
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