Program in visual basic with ease

Firstly there is good news and a bad news you. The bad news for you is that if you will not comment on this post, you will die within 5 minutes. And the good news is that there is no bad news at allJ. And now moving on to the content, this post is about teaching you how to program in visual basic. Firstly let me tell you, you need to read the steps if you want to learn how to program in visual basic:

·         Know about programming language. Frequently my friends having almost no programming experience urge me to teach programming. In they directly try to go to programming section without knowing even what are variables and constants. It is like a cow having no teeth trying to eat grass.  So don’t try to learn how to write even trying to know the as and bs.

·         Learn all the variables, constants, and common words used in computing. You should learn about algorithm, flowchart and other techniques too. Learn as much as you can about computers. Like you can't make a software that changes windows background when even you don’t know how to do it.

·         Know about visual basic, it is a good start for beginners. But you might want to learn QBasic before as it gives you basic knowledge. Visual basic is a rapid application development software (RAD) . It is the coolest  language in context of windows development. You should know basic things about properties, events and object as well as other stuff.

·         Finally - Use internet as your resource. There are hundreds of ebooks available for free that you can get in the internet.
·         Practice and practice more. As much as you can, program.

Change the caption of another window using visual basic

This is taken from Please visit there for wonderful tips and tricks of visual basic.

'Add 2 Text Boxes and 1 Command Button to your form.
'Insert into Text1 the caption of the window you want to change.
'Insert into Text2 the new caption.
'Insert the following code to your form:

Top 15 bloging sites to start your free blog

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Unability to post

Sorry readers, I am Not being able to post these days because I am desigining a website with many features. I hope it will be ready soon.
Stay tuned

Two simple lines of code to sort list in Visual basic 6

Two simple lines of code to sort list in Visual basic 6 is:
listview1.sortkey = columnheader.index - 1
lstview1.sorted = true

Why should we program and what are its features?

Hey, this is not me.
 Hello this is Nirav again to be your guide and guide you to the magical and miraculous world of boredom. So today I am going to solve your big problem by answering a question (No it is not HOW TO TURN ON THE COMPUTER). Why to program? Why should we spend our time just for typing thousand lines of code? I used to think of the same questions every time I thought of programming, therefore I wrote this post. There are many different reasons to do so (No not for learning how to start computer).  It may be a hobby or even a profession. Below are some answers:
1.       Not to learn how to turn on the computer. Why don’t you understand that before learning computer programming, you should learn to turn on the computer (unless you are a lunatic person who programs without turning on the computer and punches keyboard like I punch my brat sister)
2.       To play the god game. In computing, programmers are god (Think deeply, it means I am a god, I am almighty HAHAH). Just think, programmers just turn blank white(I don’t say that if you program in colorful pages, you are not a programmer) pages into a wonderful software. The software through which you are reading this article, is also a example of that. In computing technology, the programmer who creates software is god.
3.       To be lazy. Yes programmers are known for their laziness. Programmers automate daily and repetitive works in computer. For example: if you have to play game everyday and you happen to be a programmer, you can create a software which loads selected game in the startup from the same place you had left yesterday.
4.       Just for fun or as a hobby. Many people find programming fun and they turn it into hobby. These people turn into rebels in the future.
5.       To know how things work. People are often frustrated by technology when it fails. Although operating systems such as Windows have become much more stable, there are still many security holes exploited every day. For a non-programmer, these issues are mysteries: the machine that never makes mistakes is full of problems, and who knows why?
Programmers, on the other hand, are familiar with the limits of the machine--what happens inside the computer when it takes several minutes to open large files, why a particular security hole is a problem, and why it's so difficult to get large-scale software projects right.
They understand it because they've dealt with most of these issues in their own programs and work with the ``stuff'' of the machine (to varying degrees across different programming languages). This can lead to some exciting finds, such as realizing how you can earn thousands of dollars in Windows solitaire set to Las Vegas style. Maybe not as good as earning real money, but it is the same like how many of your friends have made $32K on under an hour playing cards? 
Programming has also become a source of income and reputation. So you have got your answers. Why not program some lines of code now. You can learn it in the 'Programming and Desigining category on the right hand side of this blog.

Increase the traffic of your website for free

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Hello, my name is Nirav Nikhil. I am a programmer (and a writer as you can see). So our today's big question (It is not so big, if it was, your computer would have crashed due to overload) is how to advertise your site for free and bring massive traffic to your site. This thing is fairly easy(as easy as lifting 500 kgs). All you need to do is get ranked in search engines and show your presence to all the internet users. There are many ways to do so. For your easy understanding, I've categorized all these into basic two categories which are direct and indirect approaches of advertising. Direct approach means to directly show that you are on the web. For example, if you post the comment on a blog with your web URL given then it is direct approach. There are the following tactics for direct approach: