Add gesture support in visual basic

Hello, I am Nirav. I am a addict of computer. I am  addicted to computer and programming. So my very very important brain thought why not show the world about it? This is the leading cause causing your arrival in this blog. So this post is about adding gesture support in visual basic. Visual basic is very easy programming language. I am going to teach you how to add gesture support in visual basic in a brief.
1. Open visual basic window and start a standard EXE project. If you need gesture support in only a specific area, you can add a picture box.

2. Double click on your form so that code window appears. There you will see something like :

Private Sub Form_Load()

End Sub

remove it(after that you will see blank white pages).

3. Now click on the combobox where (general) is written(not in this picture idiot). Now select 'form' from the combo box.

4. Now you need the gestures that users are going to give. For example click, double click. keypress, drag, move mouse etc. Once you have decided that, click on (declarations) combobox and choose the gesture. For example if you want the gesture support for double click, click on 'DblClick'.

5. You will see that the blank white page suddenly gets converted to page containing words. Wow it is a miracle. So you will see :

Private Sub Form_DblClick()

End Sub  

6. Between "Private Sub Form_DblClick()" and "End Sub" type what will be the response if user double clicks that form or picture. (yet confused?GO TAKE VISUAL BASIC TRAINING)

7. For example if you want to show a message box if user double clicks, the code will be like this :

Private Sub Form_DblClick()
MsgBox "You double clicked, FOOL"
End Sub
8. To download the gesture supported software, go to

Hope you enjoyed. I don't think you bother doing a small favor for me. PLEASE COMMENT.

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