Add listen feature in your blog

Every blogger in the world wants to improve his or her blog. Everybody wants that many people read his blog. But readers now-a-days ignore the blogs because they get bored to read. So, blogger's creativity gets spoiled. Now a days readers like listening to reading(unless they are not deaf). So you can provide them this feature very easily and for free. To do so, follow these simple steps:
1.  Go to the site, This is the website which lets you add the feature.
2. Fill out the nessesary forms. There you have to fill your email id and your blog's URL.
3. Personalize your player. Add colors and other informations.
4. Click on next. This may ask your blogger Username and Password. Fill it out
5. Now it will ask to allow the widget or not. Click on allow.
6. Now set where you want your widget to appear.

Note : This may not be available in all blog hosts(but it is available in most of hosts)

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