Auto it : The easiest programming language

Hello guys, today I have posted about the easiest and flexible programming language. It is AutoIt. This is a software which allows you to make programs free of cost. It can be downloaded at this site. It allows you to program very easily. You can create GUIs. You can create messageboxes and inputboxes. Its commands are very simple. For example:

$1 = inputbox ( "Hello", "Hello, I am Nirav. What is your Name?")
msgbox ( 0, "Hello" , "Hello, " & $1 & ". I hope you like my site" )

It just asks your name and displays it. You can see how simple it is. I would recommend it to all of the people who don't know which programming language to use. 
If you want to know what kind of software can be made with it, you can go to:

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