Be a computer geek

Bored with being popular(If it is yes then you are a fool)? So you should enjoy being a geek. A geek is a person having a inclination towards any stuff(specially technical). A geek concentrates on a particular thing and becomes expert in it. To be a computer geek, read on:
1. Learn basic computer skills like typing without looking at the keyboard.
2. Learn to use command line. I recommend you to use command line UNIX.
3. Learn to program. A geek without programming knowledge is like a donkey without tail (It doesn't mean that geeks who program are donkeys with tail).
4. Be famous online. You should be cyber-renowned. You can start a blog or wiki.
5. Try to learn whatever you can learn about computing.
6. Befriend other geeks and talk to other geeks about some problem. This makes you sociable in geek community.
7. Learn computer repair skills.
8. Help others with computer.
9. Know about viruses and malware etc.
10. Use shortcuts of computers. Imagine your reputation when you do a job with touch of some buttons but others can only do it taking a hour or more.
11. Learn maths if you need to.
12. Don't overload yourself trying to do more than you are comfortable just to show that you are rebel of computer.

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