Change start button's name

Download resource hacker from any website. It is a free and cool software that can hack into any other software and get it's resources and even change it. It is just of 453 kb. Now make a copy of EXPLORER.EXE from C:\Windows\explorer.exe to any other drive. Hack the copy of EXPLORER.EXE using RESOURCE HACKER. Do the following there:

  1. Firstly go to "strings" selection at resources.
  2. Search for a word "Start"(this is the name that appears in start button) and change it into your desired name you want to keep.
  3. Save it as EXPLORER.EXE(Lets name it explorer1.exe for easier understanding) from resource hacker.
  4. Copy explorer1.exe and replace it with the explorer.exe that lies in C:\Windows\explorer.exe.
Note : It doesn't work with Vista Or windows seven.

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