Download flash files : It is easy as A B C

The best method !!!
 Download the new version of Real Player from ( installation, visit the page with the flash file you want. Nowpoint your mouse over it, and click on a small popup "DOWNLOAD VIDEO".. This feature is really amazing.
You can download YOUTUBE videos too...


Navigate to the site with the Flash file you want to keep.Let it load and play to the end.Click on 'My Computer' to open an Explorer window.Type %temp% in the address bar and press the enter key.Sometimes content you want winds up here. To save a particular .FLV file off Youtube, you'll have to 'pull the plug' on your PC while the browser that played the file is still open. After rebooting, you can save the file from here--it is the *only* method that works. The browser has an exclusive lock on the file and closing the browser deletes the file from the temp directory.Click the 'up folder' icon.Click 'Temporary Internet Files'.Make a shortcut to this directory so you can skip steps 3-7 next time.Click 'LastChecked' so the newest files are on top.Copy and paste the largest .SWF files you find to another directory and rename them to something more meaningful. Beware, sometimes the desired files are 'extension less'. Some sites use a 'middleman' .SWF to load the 'real one' we want. In that case, look for a large' extensionless file' that has the name of the 'middleman' .swf in the file name. You are done! You didn't need 3rd party software to do something you could have done for yourself! If you see it online you should be able to copy it for private offline use. If you want to copy websites for private offline use, get Meta Products Offline Explorer,the *best* 3rd party solution to do this kind of work.

 Alternate Method

Download and Install Flash Catcher (Freeware) from After successful installation, a page will open automatically explaining how to use this Plug-In.Open the Internet Explorer, notice a button with the Logo of a 'Sun' on it.Open a website with Flash animation on it. Try opening the page loads completely, click on the button i.e. FlashCatcher, with Sun Logo on it. A window will appear. It will display allthe Flash animations present at the time on the page. By clicking onany of it, you can see its preview on the right side of the window.If you get the animation which you want to save, just click on itand then on the 'Save' button. The Flash animation file will be savedimmediately on the directory which would have been shown after theSub-Heading 'Current Folder'.Change the directory at any time by clicking on the 'Change Folder' button.Flash Catcher ButtonFlash Catcher Windows
Using Mozilla Firefox
Go to the website with the flash or other embedded object you wish to download.Click Tools > Page Info (Shortcut: Alt + T + I)Click the "Media" tab and scroll through the objects on the page.The "Type" column will help in many instances; Flashes, music andvideos all appear as "Embeds" Highlight the Flash and click "Save as" or copy the URL into a Download Manager. Here is a video:

You can select Multiple Flash Animation Files and save them at once by clicking on the 'Save' Button.If you roll your mouse over any a small bar will appear showingsome buttons, throught which you can save the animation file byclicking on the button with an image of a 'Floppy' on it. This method does not require to open the windows by clicking on the Flash Catcher button. Images have been attached with this article to help you find the button etc.
Happy downloading

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