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This is a world where money is everything. You can do anything for money. But doing this is easy if we do wrong jobs. But earning good amount of money doing good deeds is difficult. But due to the advent of "INTERNET", everything is easy. Though I have only little experience earning online money, as I'm just 13, I had begun exploring the internet from very beginning of my life. At around 6, I was a computer geek. Anyways lets talk about the contents:-
1.    Lets' brainstorm (How are we going to earn money)
      Develop software
      Sell ebooks (Like I'm doing)
      Add ad to your site
      Blog and earn
2.    Lets' do it
      Implement the plan

Lets' brainstorm
In the beginning, think at which job you are interested at. If you are interested at software developmental works, you can create soft-wares. For instance you can create simple soft-wares.
Now, If you don’t do any sort of such developmental works, you can create ebooks. This is a good option for everyone. Anyone with good English speaking skills can do it. Or even you can write a ebook for your own language or translate any ebook into your native language. For ideas, you can go to amazon and search for the most downloaded ebooks. You know, ideas are not copyrighted anyways. If you don’t like this idea either, you can create a website or a blog and add adsense (Google) to it.  The Pay per click method of adsense is really cool. The more the clicks, the more money you make. Other methods are affiliate and internet fraud. There are loads of jobs to do at internet.

Lets' do it
After all those thinking stuff, lets do some works. Firstly lets' make a site. We are going to upload all our prepared stuff like soft wares and ebooks. Now it's time to popularize your site. Just put all about your site info to facebook. Start a VLOG(video blog) and at the credits section, keep your website's name. You can keep annotations in the youtube video. Or you can tell "for full video, come to my site www.something.com". This will force the audience to come to your site and see the fill video ONLY IF THE TRAILER (Half video) ON YOUTUBE WILL BE NICE. Anyways, you must popularize your site for your stuff to sell. You can put even ads to your site where you sell your productions or affiliate marketing is another option.
For affiliate marketing, visit www.clickbank.com 

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