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Hello, my name is Nirav Nikhil. I am a programmer (and a writer as you can see). So our today's big question (It is not so big, if it was, your computer would have crashed due to overload) is how to advertise your site for free and bring massive traffic to your site. This thing is fairly easy(as easy as lifting 500 kgs). All you need to do is get ranked in search engines and show your presence to all the internet users. There are many ways to do so. For your easy understanding, I've categorized all these into basic two categories which are direct and indirect approaches of advertising. Direct approach means to directly show that you are on the web. For example, if you post the comment on a blog with your web URL given then it is direct approach. There are the following tactics for direct approach:

Direct method
1. The first step is to comment. You need to put comment on other blogs related to your own blog. For example, if your blog is about computers as is than you can post in Keep on posting on others' blog but don't forget to put your link in there.
                Another method of commenting is to search for blogs about increasing traffic. You will find many of them in Google search. You should open a blog like that and comment saying something like:
Wow I really liked your post. Your posts have helped me very much. Before I read your blogs, I used to get 2-5 visitors a day, but now, it has increased much. It has reached 6-9 a day. My blog is Although it is not as much as I expected, it has increased a lot. From your regular support, my blog has progressed; I hope you will help me in future.
To see how my blog changed, visit my blog.
This method of commenting increases your traffic of website easily. Recently I got a comment on my blog at He had commented so properly, but still he was able to publicize his site very properly. He told that he liked my blog posts and he also told that he was going to post about my blog in a website. He had written so smoothly that I couldn’t help myself from visiting the website. Later I found that it was a site where you could download softwares made by some company. His commenting worked very well.

2. Use social networking sites. With the advent of internet, online social networking has been used for easy and effective communication between humans. So you can use it to advertise your site. Just post your URL address and write something about it. It is going to make you famous(as famous as Osama Bin Laden).
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