Manage programming resources and be good at programming

This is a part of book which will be available after few days of 8\11\2011. Go to to get it as well as more ebooks which will help in your life.

Hello I am Nirav. I am a programmer (but sometimes a former programmer). I just write some pieces of code, compile it and publish it to web. You can see my software at this link. This ebook is written because I found many fellow programmers who overloaded themselves because of the passion of programming. This ebook is completely about how to manage resources as a programmer. This saves programmer's time and many other valuable things.
1. Firstly you should know to program. I have written this eBook not to teach you the 'a's and 'b's of programming. This eBooks is about management of valuable resources, you need when you program. So you should know to program. If you don’t know how to do that then use as your source of knowledge. But herein this eBooks I will suppose that you know how to program. You need just the basic knowledge of programming, if not PhD or degree.
2. Once you know how to program, use your knowledge. Like if you need a phonebook to keep track of your friends' phone numbers, than instead of downloading it, learn to make it yourself. It will improve your skills. Your friend might want a software to keep track of his games and the levels unlocked in the games. Then ask him if you can make it for him.
If you don’t have any need of software like that, list the daily tasks you don’t like to do in computer and write software to automate it or make it easy.
3. Start writing at least 3 soft-wares a week. Keep on increasing your frequency of coding. Make it your habit. Increase practicing programming.
4. Now move on to difficult soft-wares. Don’t get stuck in easy soft-wares. Increase your level of coding. Start writing difficult soft-wares like networking soft-wares and antivirus. You can write compilers and interpreters or even whole programming languages can be written. Please visit if you want to see some soft-wares made by me.
5. Make a schedule. You don’t want to get nuts programming all day, do you? Of course not. Make a routine to schedule your works. A example is given bellow.   

7. Learn to write algorithm and flowchart. Algorithm is textual planning of a work. Whereas flowchart is the graphical representation of algorithm. I have given examples of algorithm and flowchart. You don’t need 
any special tool for writhing algorithm and flowchart. You don’t need to write any algorithm or flowchart for simple program. But if it comes to complex programming, you must use them.
   8. Use internet and library for additional resources. Internet is very valuable in now-a-days world. You can find almost any tutorial on the internet.

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