Program in visual basic with ease

Firstly there is good news and a bad news you. The bad news for you is that if you will not comment on this post, you will die within 5 minutes. And the good news is that there is no bad news at allJ. And now moving on to the content, this post is about teaching you how to program in visual basic. Firstly let me tell you, you need to read the steps if you want to learn how to program in visual basic:

·         Know about programming language. Frequently my friends having almost no programming experience urge me to teach programming. In they directly try to go to programming section without knowing even what are variables and constants. It is like a cow having no teeth trying to eat grass.  So don’t try to learn how to write even trying to know the as and bs.

·         Learn all the variables, constants, and common words used in computing. You should learn about algorithm, flowchart and other techniques too. Learn as much as you can about computers. Like you can't make a software that changes windows background when even you don’t know how to do it.

·         Know about visual basic, it is a good start for beginners. But you might want to learn QBasic before as it gives you basic knowledge. Visual basic is a rapid application development software (RAD) . It is the coolest  language in context of windows development. You should know basic things about properties, events and object as well as other stuff.

·         Finally - Use internet as your resource. There are hundreds of ebooks available for free that you can get in the internet.
·         Practice and practice more. As much as you can, program.

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