Sell software you make

So you are a programmer. What! you have made a software cooler than Microsoft's'. Wow, now what are you going to do. You could kindly give its source code to me, honestly I won't say that you have given it to me. But selling it for your profit is better idea. So to do it, follow the following steps(but who is this 'following steps' following??) :-

  1. Think which of your software is too good to be sold. Debug your software and make final changes if not made already.
  2. Now think about your target market. It can be internet or your local market or even global market. The best idea is to sell in the internet. Also formulate some marketing strategies that can make you rock the market. 
  3. Think of the price. Make sure that your price is not more, but it can be anything, depending on your software's quality(you cannot charge $5000 for a simple notepad). 
  4. If you are selling it in the net, make a website. In the website, explain all the features of the software. And submit it to software hosting site.
  5. For selling it in the market, use a CD. Make a cool and attractive CD cover. Sell it in the market. You can also write a article about your software and put it in the internet.
  6. Use online features like paypal and clickbank.
But I suggest you to kindly submit your software source code to me.

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