My first game
It is Open source guys

Hello, Guys. I actually had given up this blog but after maybe a 2 years (unofficial data, based on the memory of  forgetful me), I was drawn back to it. Maybe it was nostalgia but who cares. I actually was learning how to make games and this and that all this time. I started a project (my first game) and dropped it in the middle. I started another, left it incomplete and after yet some more incomplete give ins, finally I decided that I would not waste my time doing incomplete games but start completing previous ones. I started with the first one and completed it. It is boring and not so good but I had decided I would complete all the games I started ambitiously.

Now, why would I upload a game which I know most of you are not gonna like???? Well, I decided that i would give away its source code and it is totally upon you to fix it make it fun, maybe add some thing like store, REDO all that crappy art or whatever. It totally belongs to you and you can sell it or distribute it. You  should(should, not must) give me some credit (maybe this blogs address). Here are some pictures of the game. Well it is totally programmer art so don't get scared and run away. Everything you see is made by one person, one 15 year old person, And this is his first.

I named it the ETERNAL tree. Please download it and comment if it is good for a first timer.
The video will be posted in another post which can be accessed form this link:

Here is the download link. - 

If you want to download the source, please click the link bellow:

Now, to the technical side, It was made using Game Maker 8.1, a free tool which can be download from here:

Please Comment wether it is good or Bad.
Have fun. ENJOY.

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